Principles of Music Composing VIII: Musical Archetypes | 2008


The present publication is comprised of scientific reports made at the 8th International Music Theory Conference (April 23–25, 2008) “Principles of Music Composing: Musical Archetypes”. The organizers of the conference are the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and the Lithuanian Composers’ Union.
Twenty reports that comprise the content of the present publication were made by musicologists from 10 countries (Rumania, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Russia, Greece, Serbia, France, Poland, Brazil and Lithuania). The speakers most actively responded to the following three subthemes of the conference:
1) conceptions an definitions of Archetype (outlooks, sources and development); 2) archetypes and a national identity of music; ethnomusical archetypes; 3) Manifestation of archetypes in composing practice of contemporary music (20th–21st c.).


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