Lietuvos muzikologija

„Lithuanian Musicology“ is a periodic scientific journal of the humanities founded in 2000. Every year one volume of the journal is published. Editorial board includes authoritative scientists from Lithuania as well as foreign countries, humanitarians from institutions of different fields. Publications submitted to the journal must be fully original, never published before in other editions. While using other sources as well as other scientific material, the authors must invoke the rules of fair quoting – cases of plagiarism is unacceptable. The journal protects copyright as well as academic ethics standards. In turn, the editor and editorial board commits not to reveal any information about the submitted papers, with an exception of the author himself, co-authors, reviewers, potential reviewers and other persons related to the publishing (language editors, publishers and etc.). The journal applies the standard of peer review. Reviewers treat papers as confidential documents, peer review relies on the objectivity as well as the clear argumentation.

In case of the author noticing fundamental errors left after his paper is published he is obligated to inform the journal’s editor and cooperate in the process of correction. The editors and editorial board is not responsible for the opinions, views and contents published in the submitted papers. The responsibility for the originality, veracity and errors lies on the author.